The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet 1962 – 2012

The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet 1962 - 2012 cover

This book was a labor of love for all involved. Charles Maginley (who happens to be my father-in-law) is a marine historian and author. This is his third book, developed over a four-year period with two other contributors. I got involved when the contributor that was to do the print design could not longer work on the project.

All that was available was 10 x 10 formatted Microsoft Word document with all the photos embedded. We started by ripping the contents apart, properly formatting them and then putting them back together…all 375 images with captions, extensive tables and an index. Each image was digitally enhanced in Photoshop, caption and copyright information added and hand placed in Indesign.

Half Title Page

half title page from The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet 1962 - 2012

Part Introduction Page

Part introduction page from The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet 1962 - 2012

Color Plates

Color plates from The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet 1962 - 2012


Tables from The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet 1962 - 2012


Index from The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet 1962 - 2012

We had a lot of fun working on this book, in spite of the challenges. We even went on a ‘location scout’ together, to determine the best angles to shoot the CGS Acadia in Halifax Harbour. See the bottom right image for the result.

CGS Acadia spread, including photo of ship taken specifically for this book

text from The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet 1962 - 2012

Charles is thrilled with the results, is getting great feedback, and is already talking about the next book.

The Canadian Coast Guard Fleet 1962 – 2012 is available for purchase directly from Long Hill Publishing

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Starting to Frame – a memoir

I was thrilled to work with Roger Gordon on his memoir, Starting To Frame.
Roger tackled many important issues in this work, including mental illness, and I am proud to have played a small part.

Starting to Frame cover

Roger provided all the images for the cover, and we worked together to create this design. Legibility was a top priority for Roger, who has a family member with a vision impairment.

One of the challenges of the front cover artwork was the digital removal of another person in the ‘present day’ photo. Luckily, Roger had two shots to work with.
original images
Click on the cover above to have a better look at the final product.

For the interior of the printed book, Roger chose to start with a pre-designed interior and make some changes, again to maximize legibility for his readers.

Title page of Starting to Frane

Contents of Starting to Frame
For the e-book versions, we applied the KISS principle, prepping the manuscript for conversion (through Smashwords and Kindle) with Microsoft Word.
Starting to Frame ebook cover

Roger’s book is now available at Amazon and other online retailers.

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Moving Dirt

Moving Dirt cover

I truly feel blessed to have worked on Moving Dirt. This started as a family project…a gift for John Chisholm. It quickly morphed into a celebration of 50 years of Nova Construction, founded by Mr. Chisholm in 1964. When Mr. Chisholm passed away during the final edits for the book, it became a fitting tribute to an amazing man who built a great company.

Title Page

Moving Dirt Title page


Moving Dirt Table of Contents

Chapter Intro


Text Pages

Text pages from Moving Dirt

My inspiration for the design of this book came from an old Polaroid photo of the company’s first truck.
Nova Construction's first truck

We originally planned for the truck to be featured on the cover, but Mr. Chisholm decided he’d prefer a more ‘straight-forward’ cover, more like him. So, we made it the half-title page instead.

Moving Dirt half-title page

Half-title page

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