Girl Incredible print version

Paperback cover of Girl Incredible by Patti Larsen

Girl Incredible from award-winning young adult author Patti Larsen, is now out in paperback.

I was thrilled to work on the custom interior design for this book!

Inspired by early reviews, I brainstormed a list of empowering words and typeset them in the script font from the cover to use as watermarks on the chapter start pages. We added in some illustration chapter starts (some illustrations pulled from the cover and some new), to complete over twenty different chapter starts for this design.

I am so happy with how this book turned out! Girl Incredible is available in paperback from amazon.

Here’s a sample of the design:

title page from paperback version of Girl Incredible by Patti Larsen

Chapter 1 start from Girl Incredible by Patti Larsen

Chapter 12 start from Girl Incredible by Patti Larsen

Chapter 25 start from Girl Incredible by Patti Larsen

Chapter 30 start from Girl Incredible by Patti Larsen

Author bio pages from Girl Incredible by Patti Larsen

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The S Squad #4: The Hockey Mystery

The S Squad #4: The Hockey Mystery

Lisa Cameron recently contracted me to create the cover for her fourth book in The S Squad series…The Hockey Mystery.

We had so much fun with this cover! When we worked on the branding for the series a couple of years ago, we settled on a versatile treatment for the graphics. All the comic book graphics originally started as photographs.

Congratulations, Lisa! The Hockey Mystery is now available at

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Girl Incredible

Girl Incredible cover ebook mockup

2015 started with exciting new book projects, and here’s the first. I had so much fun on this project and as I finish up design on the cover of the second book, I can’t wait to work on the rest of them!

So very different from anything Patti Larsen and I have done before, the original inspiration to communicate Kit’s unfailing optimism was girl power, superhero treatments and lots of sparkly stuff. During the creative process, I felt the need to explore the quirky side of Kit’s personality by incorporating hard crafted elements, and the branding for the series was born.

Patti plans multiple books in this series, spanning three years of Kit’s life. Patti and I have plans to subtly change the covers over time to reflect Kit’s aging.

Plans are also in the works for a print version ready for this spring.

Girl Incredible is now avaialble from amazon and other online retailers.

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A Bold Vision

A Bold Vision Anthology cover

This summer, I was thrilled to play a small role in the creation of this piece of Canadiana! In September 2014, Prince Edward Island hosted A Bold Vision Women’s Leadership Conference, where 23 female visionaries shared their visions for Canada’s future. As a legacy piece, the conference committee decided to publish an anthology of essays written by the visionaries.

I worked with the anthology committee to select e-book distributor, short run book printer and print-on-demand partners, consulted on printing and publishing issues, designed the e-book and print covers, designed the custom print interior, and created formatted ebook versions.

Title Page

A Bold Vision title page

Contents Page

Contents page

Biography Page

Biography Page

Essay Introduction

Essay introduction

Interview-style Essay Page

Interview-style essay page

Essay Page with photography

Essay text with photography

E-book Cover

A Bold Vision ebook cover

E-book Interior Pages


A Bold Vision: Women Imagining Canada’s Future is available now. Here’s links to where it’s available for purchase. It’s also available for purchase in paperback and hardback at

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Title Page of Lumiere

Chapter page from Lumiere

Print interior designed to compliment cover designed by another designer. This is the first book of the debut series from author Jacqueline Garlick, published in December 2013.

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