Book Design and Formatting

Why do I love designing book interiors so much? Well, because I’m a bit of an organizational and details freak. I think it’s been drilled into my head by years of proofing ad layouts.

Best Friends Forever, by Patti Larsen

Best Friends Forever, Patti Larsen

I love planning the organizational structure of the book (the design) and then when I’m laying out the content…going through each page, looking for and fixing anomalies.

I believe in making interiors consistent with the cover, taking your established look and feel, and translating it to an interior that looks professional, is easy on the eyes and inviting to read.

Custom book interiors
Each custom book interior design and layout project gets quoted individually, based on the creative briefing and discussions with you. Custom designs are popular for series. We work out the custom design for Book One, then save the templates for use on other books in the series.
You can see samples of previous custom book interiors I have designed in my portfolio.

Pre-designed book interiors
Getting a professional print interior for your book can be as easy as choosing from one of eight different interiors, already designed and ready to go. Select a template and a size, and then send me your manuscript. I’ll turn your manuscript into the beautiful interior of your choice.
Please note that these interiors are not suitable for most non-ficton.

E-book formats
I am thrilled to now be offering e-book formatting services, and have two levels of e-book formatting services to suit your needs.

Basic formatting
I format your manuscript in Microsoft Word for submission (and conversion) by Kindle Direct Publishing, and popular e-book aggregator, Smashwords. You receive back a .doc file that can be uploaded to these services, which convert to e-book file formats during the uploading process.

Enhanced formatting
Using Adobe InDesign I can format/layout your e-book to make use of enhanced formatting features made available with the release of Epub 3 and Kindle 8. You receive back a non-DRM .epub file for upload to various e-book retailers.

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