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Athena's Promise, Book One of the Aegean Trilogy

Athena’s Promise, Book One of the Aegean Trilogy, by Annetta Ribken, Word Webber Press

I consider a book cover the packaging of your product.

It has to resonate with your readers and break through the clutter of the the e-store listings page and bookstore shelf. It has to grab attention and give the reader an idea of the subject matter. It has to make the reader want to buy it and see what’s inside.

With my years of working in advertising and marketing, I understand the book cover is one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal. I understand that branding (be it author branding or series branding) and consistency are important tools to convey a professional look.

I love designing book covers…piecing together the right imagery, colors and fonts to hint at the wonders inside.

Custom covers
Each book is unique, therefore each cover should be unique. Each cover is a custom design.
Every custom cover project is quoted individually, based on the creative briefing and discussions with you.
You can see samples of custom cover work I’ve done in my portfolio.
Get in touch today, and let’s get started on your custom cover.