Why choose Dog-ear?

I want to work with you to make the very best “packaging” for your product possible. I want your book to sell, and it’s my job to help you make that happen.

Foresight, Book One of the Helios Oracles


Designing something that looks cool isn’t good enough for me. It’s also got to help sell your book. Every project is personal for me, and must be my best work.

When you work with Dog-ear Book Design:

    • you work with a real, live human being, not an automated system
    • you get the owner working on your project, not an employee
    • you get a designer who is also an entrepreneur with a marketing background
    • you get a designer who is organized and won’t disappear in the middle of the project
    • you know the progress of your project and when to expect the next touchpoint

What Others Say

Jerry Jay Carroll New York Times Best-Selling Author
Search high and low and you won’t find a better book designer or nicer person than Valerie Bellamy. Creative, check. Precise, check. Thorough, check. Patient, check. Logical, check. Prompt, check. I could go on, but you get the picture. She’s the one you are looking for.
Susan Mary Malone Author of I Just Came Here to Dance
I loved working with Valerie. She’s clear about what she does, keeps going back and forth until everything is perfect, and far exceeded my expectations. Most of all, I just adore the cover she devised–and so does everyone else! I’m so blessed to have found her.
Catherine Ronahan Women's Network PEI, publisher of A Bold Vision
Valerie Bellamy has a plethora of highly honed skills – book design, customer service, project management, research and consulting. Finding someone skilled in just one of these areas is difficult, but Valerie captures them all in one package! Her expertise in these areas were essentials in guiding our steering committee through our first-time experience in book publishing. Valerie kept our A Bold Vision publishing project on track. As project coordinator, what I enjoyed most about working with Valerie, besides her creative mind, was her responsiveness to our concerns and ability to quickly problem solve. She also has an amazing capacity to gather mounds of information, compare sources and make it understandable. And she does all this with a wonderful sense of humour to boot!
Aaron Galvin Author of the Salted Series and the Vengeance Trilogy
The intricacies and technical jargon of interior book design and formatting will sadly forever elude me. Thankfully, Valerie Bellamy came to my rescue. Kind, knowledgeable, and consistently on point, Valerie’s unique touch transformed my simple ideas into a beautiful work of art. I’ve utilized her skills for all three of my books and see no end in sight to our continued collaboration. Do yourself and your readers a favor. Hire Valerie.
Audrey E King Author of Love As It Seems
Valerie designed my book cover around my budget using the imagery I had in my mind. She made it easy helping me every step of the way with the short time I had before the book launch. Seeing what she had created was an uplifting experience and I will definitely continue to use her outstanding services in the future.
Patti Larsen Award-winning author of The Hayle Coven Novels, The Nightshade Cases, The Hunted Series, and many more
Valerie Bellamy has a knack for design that blew me away from the very first job. I’m super busy and very productive and really needed someone talented as well as professional I could rely on to handle all of my interior design needs. She certainly didn’t disappoint! She’s always on time, efficient and pleasant to deal with and I love every book she’s created for me. If you’re thinking about hiring her, don’t hesitate. Just do it.
Annetta Ribken Author of Athena's Promise, Book One Of The Aegean Trilogy
I was so impressed by a fellow author’s book cover, when I started looking for a cover artist for Athena’s Promise. I immediately contacted the author for contact information. I explained to Valerie what I was looking for, but freely admitted I knew next to nothing about book covers. We had a very entertaining session throwing ideas around, and within a few days Valerie provided exactly the concept bringing Athena’s Promise to life. She is not only excellent at extrapolating the essence of the story into visual form, she’s professional, with a quick turn-around, and keeps in close contact through the whole process. I was so impressed with her work I also hired her for the interior print design, and the whole package turned out better than I’d ever dared hoped. I highly recommend her services for any author looking for professional results. Valerie is the total package, and I will definitely be hiring her for the next two books in the series. She is not only a delight to work with, she delivers.
Lisa Cameron Author of The S Squad Series
Dog-ear Book Design has done my cover design for 2 of my 3 books. As a children’s author I want a cover that is artistic but yet cartoony. Dog-ear Book Design has done this and more. Valerie Bellamy is very personal and welcomes feedback. She has been a pleasure to work with. I definitely won’t be going anywhere else for my book covers. I look forward to working with Valerie in the future.
Helena Perry Author of the Call of Blood Series
I swear Valerie at Dog-Ear Book Design has the bent ear of whatever creative power she taps into to intuit such spectacular book covers. I don’t know how she takes my suggestions and makes them a reality but the end result always stuns me. I have had two intense and atmospheric covers and one beautiful interior done by Valerie and I will be returning with future work.
Susan Rodgers Author of Promises, Book Two Of The Drifters Series
What I enjoy most about working with Valerie is her professionalism. She utilizes Skype to ensure a complete understanding of the project, then promises a schedule to which she fully adheres. This allows for a sense of trust between her and myself as client. I know the work will be done when she says it will be done, and I also know she will take the time to deliver a quality product that takes into account my needs and that also includes her own intuitive creative ideas. Valerie is a pleasure to work with on every level!