About Dog-ear Book Design

Meet the Designer

photo credit: digitalbuild.ca

Hi, I’m Valerie of Dog-ear Book Design. Nice to meet you! If you made it this far, you must be serious. This is the place where I’m supposed to talk about myself. I don’t really like talking about myself, but did my best.

Still here? OK. Let me tell you my story.

My official bio reads “Valerie has worked for over twenty years as a graphic designer, production artist, print buyer and production/project manager in printing and advertising/marketing.”

Translation: I have spent twenty years on-the-job training with some of the most awesome and creative advertising, marketing and printing professionals in Canada. My passion for great design, branding and books gets all rolled into one package…professional cover and interior designs and layouts for indie authors and small presses/publishers.

I hated (hated!) reading when I was a kid. I had some bad experiences reading aloud in public school early on (I stutter and reverse words), and decided that math and science were going to be my thing. Literature was icky. Turned out I was wrong. I discovered my love of books and reading in my teen years, thanks to a childhood friend who introduced me to the fantasy genre. Suddenly I had to have a book in my hand. My love of reading continues to this day.

Award-winning author Patti Larsen introduced me to book layouts. How? Well, one day she asked me to make a PDF of a book she had formatted for print using Word. I took one look at the file and knew there were formatting issues. I ended up fixing it by laying it out in InDesign. That was for RUN, and I have been designing books for Patti ever since.

When I’m not designing books, I’m working with creative teams and printers, freelancing as a production manager, print buyer and project manager in advertising and marketing, or playing my celtic harp. I feel blessed to live on the breath-taking east coast of Canada, just steps away from the ocean, with my incredibly patient and supportive husband.

Really want to get to know me? Why not drop me a line, and we can schedule a meeting “face to face” via Skype to talk about your project.