Love As It Seems

Print cover for Love As It Seems by Audrey E. King

Congratulations to Audrey E. King on the recent launch of her romance novel Love As It Seems. Audrey asked me to work on the cover with her. I’m thrilled with what our collaboration created!

Ebook cover for Love As It Seems by Audrey E. King

Love As It Seems is available in print and ebook versions through amazon and other retailers.

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I Just Came Here To Dance

Print cover of I Just Came Here To Dance by Susan Mary Malone

Congratulations to Susan Mary Malone on the relaunch of her women’s fiction novel I Just Came Here To Dance! It was my pleasure to work on this cover. I loved exploring different visuals representing the out-of-control feeling Susan wanted to convey and I’m thrilled with the final result.

ebook cover of I Just Came Here To Dance by Susan Mary Malone

I Just Came Here To Dance will be available September 15, 2015. You can pre-order your copy at amazon. I Just Came Here To Dance is published by White Bird Publications, LLC.

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The S Squad #4: The Hockey Mystery

The S Squad #4: The Hockey Mystery

Lisa Cameron recently contracted me to create the cover for her fourth book in The S Squad series…The Hockey Mystery.

We had so much fun with this cover! When we worked on the branding for the series a couple of years ago, we settled on a versatile treatment for the graphics. All the comic book graphics originally started as photographs.

Congratulations, Lisa! The Hockey Mystery is now available at

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Girl Incredible

Girl Incredible cover ebook mockup

2015 started with exciting new book projects, and here’s the first. I had so much fun on this project and as I finish up design on the cover of the second book, I can’t wait to work on the rest of them!

So very different from anything Patti Larsen and I have done before, the original inspiration to communicate Kit’s unfailing optimism was girl power, superhero treatments and lots of sparkly stuff. During the creative process, I felt the need to explore the quirky side of Kit’s personality by incorporating hard crafted elements, and the branding for the series was born.

Patti plans multiple books in this series, spanning three years of Kit’s life. Patti and I have plans to subtly change the covers over time to reflect Kit’s aging.

Plans are also in the works for a print version ready for this spring.

Girl Incredible is now avaialble from amazon and other online retailers.

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Top Dog

Top Dog ebook cover
Launched today! Jerry Jay Carroll has reissued Top Dog in a new Kindle format, and I was fortunate to work with him on a new cover, as well as formatting the manuscript for e-book conversion.

Jerry originally had an illustrated cover in mind for this satire. I provided a second option, developed as part of the design process, which Jerry selected with almost no revisions.

Congratulations on the launch Jerry!

Top Dog is available now in Kindle format at amazon.

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Family Magic

Family Magic cover
For those familiar with World’s Best Story, this cover may look a little familiar. I am thrilled that Patti Larsen and Family Magic won for 2014!

Family Magic is currently being re-edited and re-designed as part of the publication deal Patti won through the competition. So, now I can tell the story about how this cover came about.

In November 2013, Patti Larsen approached me to refresh the cover for her widely popular Family Magic, originally designed in 2011 by another designer. Out of the 60+ titles that Patti has published, Family Magic is by far the most popular. Patti wanted the cover artwork to be recreated for a 2014 reissue of the book as well as for use in swag, both promotional and for sale. We were planning a photoshoot in January for titles Patti plans to write in 2015 and beyond, so we agreed to grab a shot of an eye at the photoshoot.

Here’s the original eye photo I took while we were setting up for the ‘real’ photoshoot:
original eye for Family Magic cover

Yup, that’s Patti. She has stunning eyes! I think it’s perfect that Patti ended up as the model for this cover.

Here’s the full print cover…we made major changes to the back covers to make the product feel more cohesive.
Family Magic print cover

I’m going to miss working on the Hayle Coven Universe (even designers get attached to characters after working with them for so long), but so excited to see the series evolve, get the resources it deserves, and take the world by storm.

Onwards and upwards Sydlynn Hayle and Patti Larsen!

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