Day 5: The Twelve Days of Author Goodies

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On the fifth day of Author Goodies, here’s some of my favorite social media and web tools.

Postscript August 12, 2015: It’s Christmas in July…ok, was. Got a lovely note last month from Chris Makara from with this wonderful blog post of over 100 experts sharing their favorite social media tools. There’s even a filter at the top that you use to find apps and tools for specific tasks. Thank you Chris!


WordPress is my go-to for website builds and blogs. There are lots of free WordPress themes to choose from or you can buy one. If you don’t have a host, WordPress can host your blog as well.

Email Marketing

Mailchimp is the enewsletter service that I’m using. They can manage multiple email lists and campaigns for you, including unsubscribe actions that meet US and Canadian anti-spam laws. Mailchimp has a free account for up to 2,000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails a month.

Social Media Management

Tweetdeck is a twitter management tool, free from Twitter.

If you need to manage and coordinate your social media activities (who doesn’t?) then check out a free account with HootSuite, which lets you manage up to 3 of your profiles from social media sites like Facebook, twitter, google+ and LinkedIn.

There are lots of great social media management tools out there. Once you are feeling comfortable using the platforms and are ready to dive deeper to understanding the engagements with your audience, here’s a list of some pretty powerful insight tools.


Google Analytics is one of the best-known analytics tool out there and can track a lot more than hits on your blog. The learning curve is a little steep though, so make sure you check out their extensive help.

If you are looking to measure your social media in one place, and Google analytics is a little too much for you, here’s a list of free apps from Tech Republic.


Tsu (pronounced Sue) is a new social media network, similar to Facebook. Some authors are giving it a try. Check it out.

The Twelve Days of Author Goodies

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