Family Magic

Family Magic cover
For those familiar with World’s Best Story, this cover may look a little familiar. I am thrilled that Patti Larsen and Family Magic won for 2014!

Family Magic is currently being re-edited and re-designed as part of the publication deal Patti won through the competition. So, now I can tell the story about how this cover came about.

In November 2013, Patti Larsen approached me to refresh the cover for her widely popular Family Magic, originally designed in 2011 by another designer. Out of the 60+ titles that Patti has published, Family Magic is by far the most popular. Patti wanted the cover artwork to be recreated for a 2014 reissue of the book as well as for use in swag, both promotional and for sale. We were planning a photoshoot in January for titles Patti plans to write in 2015 and beyond, so we agreed to grab a shot of an eye at the photoshoot.

Here’s the original eye photo I took while we were setting up for the ‘real’ photoshoot:
original eye for Family Magic cover

Yup, that’s Patti. She has stunning eyes! I think it’s perfect that Patti ended up as the model for this cover.

Here’s the full print cover…we made major changes to the back covers to make the product feel more cohesive.
Family Magic print cover

I’m going to miss working on the Hayle Coven Universe (even designers get attached to characters after working with them for so long), but so excited to see the series evolve, get the resources it deserves, and take the world by storm.

Onwards and upwards Sydlynn Hayle and Patti Larsen!


  1. Patti Larsen
    Dec 2, 2014

    Thank you, Valerie, for creating such amazing work for me. Though our days with the Hayle Coven are through, I can’t wait to see what else you come up with for my other projects 😀

  2. Laura
    Dec 2, 2014

    You’re covers deserve to go up to the top with the HCH, HCN, HCD and all the spin-offs. They helped the “world of Syd” come alive that much more. So glad we got to enjoy them. Thanks, Valerie!

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