Moving Dirt

Moving Dirt cover

I truly feel blessed to have worked on Moving Dirt. This started as a family project…a gift for John Chisholm. It quickly morphed into a celebration of 50 years of Nova Construction, founded by Mr. Chisholm in 1964. When Mr. Chisholm passed away during the final edits for the book, it became a fitting tribute to an amazing man who built a great company.

Title Page

Moving Dirt Title page


Moving Dirt Table of Contents

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Text Pages

Text pages from Moving Dirt

My inspiration for the design of this book came from an old Polaroid photo of the company’s first truck.
Nova Construction's first truck

We originally planned for the truck to be featured on the cover, but Mr. Chisholm decided he’d prefer a more ‘straight-forward’ cover, more like him. So, we made it the half-title page instead.

Moving Dirt half-title page

Half-title page

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